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ComputerLynx Network Makes Your Life Easier with Superior Computer Technology Support

ComputerLynx Network knows that you depend on reliable technology solutions to make your life simpler. You don’t have time for computer viruses, slow connections and technical support people that you can’t understand. Computer technology support doesn’t have to be a headache. Your business and your home deserve more than a “one size fits all” remedy. The experts at ComputerLynx Network will design an affordable computer technology solution that will make your life easier. You’ll avoid costly down time with ComputerLynx Protection Plus maintenance plans. Contact ComputerLynx Network today for your free on-site consultation.


5 Reasons to Trust ComputerLynx



A personalized, consultative approach customized to fit your business and and your busy schedule.

Is Your Computer Too Slow?



ComputerLynx will analyse, troubleshoot and maximize your system’s capacity to boost your productivity and your bottom line.

Is Your Computer Data Secure?



Let ComputerLynx Network design a solution that will keep your information secure and your privacy intact.

When Is it Time to Upgrade?



ComputerLynx Network will give you honest appraisal in plain English…without the tech jargon.

Does Your Email Give You the Creeps?

Are your private emails really private? Did you know that free web based email services like Gmail may be reading your email and serving you ads based on their content? ComputerLynx Network offers custom email accounts that are ad-free with no ad tracking. For the low monthly price of $4 plus tax, you’ll know that your emails are secure with state of the art spam and virus protection. Technical support is included. Click here to sign up today!




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