Why We Are Here:

“When Gates founded Microsoft with Paul Allen in 1975, he did so to advance a higher cause: if you give people the right tools, and make them more productive, then everyone, no matter their lot in life, will have an opportunity to achieve their real potential. “A PC in every home and on every desk,” he envisioned; remarkable from a company that didn’t even make PCs. He saw the PC as the great equalizer. Microsoft’s most successful software, Windows, allowed everyone to have access to powerful technology. Tools like Word, Excel and PowerPoint gave everyone the power to realize the promise of the new technology—to become more efficient and productive. Small businesses, for example, could look and act like big businesses. Microsoft’s software helped Gates advance his cause to empower the “everyman.”

“Make no mistake, Microsoft has done more to change the world than Apple. Though we are drawn to Apple’s well-deserved reputation for innovation and challenging the business models of more than one industry, it is Microsoft that was responsible for the advancement of the personal computer. Gates put a PC on every desk and in doing so he changed the world…

From the book “Start With Why”, by Simon Sinek – Page 194


ComputerLynx Network exists in this environment that Microsoft, Apple and other big tech firms have created. We exist to be “Your Computer Technology People.” We want to help people be more productive with their computing technology so they can reach their full potential. A computer is a tool, a box of electronics that can make you productive toward fulfilling your potential. People become frustrated when they don’t understand what the technology is doing.People become frustrated when there is a problem with the computing technology and they do not understand how to fix it. We exist to reduce and remove that frustration. We exist so that your productivity is not hindered and your potential is realized.


How We Do It:

We are not an educational company.We repair and replace computing technology so that people can use their technology without frustration. We freely share what we know with our customers so they can use their computing technology efficiently. In that sense, we bring peace between people and their technology by troubleshooting pain.


What We Sell:





Microsoft Office

Managed Services



Backup Services

Wiring/Network Infrastructure

Software Setup & Configuration

Telephone Services

Internet Access Equipment


Malware Remediation

Office Telephone Systems


Web Design Services

Power Management


Web Hosting

Data Storage & Availability


Email Services

Residential Computing


Data Recovery


The above is a partial list, here is how to contact us to find out more:

Please submit your name, email address and a brief description of your computer technology issue and we will contact you shortly!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

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