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Is it Time for a Computer Upgrade?

Replacing computer equipment can be costly. So is fixing a computer that is obsolete. So how do you know when its time for a computer upgrade? Your needs, your current computers age and software upgrades all factor into the decision to buy a new computer. The experts at ComputerLynx will guide you through the decision-making  process. If its time for a computer upgrade, we’ll recommend a computer that fits your needs and budget. If the demands of your business dictate, ComputerLynx network will build a computer specifically to your requirements.  If its not time for an upgrade, we’ll make sure that your old computer is running at peak performance.



Things to Consider When Making a Computer Upgrade


What is Making your Computer Run Slowly?

There are many things that may cause your computer to perform poorly:

  • Over time, software updates require your computer to perform too close to its maximum capacity.
  • Viruses and spyware from malicious websites and emails may have infected your computer. 
  • Your computer does not have enough storage space for data.
  • Your computer does not have enough memory.
  • Your computer hard drive may be fragmented. That means the data on your computer is not organized efficiently so it takes longer to retrieve.

ComputerLynx will evaluate your computer’s performance so that you can make an informed decision. Regular maintenance will help keep your computer running fast and may delay the need for a computer upgrade. Consider one of ComputerLynx’s Protection Plus maintenance options to get the most of your investment.

A Taxing Dilemma

If you own a business your tax situation may influence when to make a computer upgrade. If your equipment is more than five years old it may make sense to time an upgrade to coincide with a year when you need more deductions. As with all business investments, consult your tax advisor.

Growing Pains

As your business grows, so do your computer needs. Your computer may not be able to keep up with the demands. A ComputerLynx expert will determine if it makes sense to add memory or storage capacity to your present computer. We’ll also help you decide whether to add more computers or network capacity.


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