What is a Computer Workstation?

The term computer “computer workstation” means different things to different people. Generally, a computer workstation is a desktop computer that is intended for business applications. It usually has the professional version of  Windows that will allow a computer workstation to be part of a domain. Are you confused yet?

a view of a computer workstation

You Are Not Alone!

You don’t need to be hung up on terminology. Let the experts a ComputerLynx Network guide you through the decision making process. We’ll design computer workstations specifically for your business. We’ll make sure that your workstations are equipped with all of the speed and capability that you need. You won’t pay for bells and whistles that you don’t need.

                                                                                                                                                                          Contact ComputerLynx Network today for your free consultation if:

  • If you require a high volume of data processing.
  • If you use graphic design or video editing software.
  • It you use CAD design and engineering software.
  • If you use multiple applications that need to run at the same time.
  • If your projects require a massive amount of memory.
  • Your computers need to be networked to other computers.
  • If you have multiple business locations that need to be part of the same network.           

 Any organization that requires a faster microprocessor or high definition graphics will need a computer workstation. Engineering and architectural firms, graphic design and video production companies all use computer workstations.     

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Do You Have the Need for Speed?

Most business owners are trying to do more with less, but they also know that time is money. So how do you know if a computer workstation is worth the investment? Lets do the math. Consider the example of a graphic  designer that charges $75 per hour. A Computer Workstation with a high speed microprocessor could save as much as 30 minutes per week in faster downloads and boot times. That 30 minutes in time savings per week will be worth $1950 in increased productivity over a the course of a year.


Are You the Master of Your Domain?

A domain is a group of computer workstations that are controlled by a  server that is known as a domain controller. The domain is accessed with a common set of rules and procedures. Computers workstations on the same domain may share files, folders, the same desktop and other services provided by the domain controller. Domains make your computers more secure and make it easier to install new software. A computer workgroup may share resources but does not share common security and login procedures. Workgroup computers operate as peers with no domain controller. Contact the experts at ComputerLynx Network to see which set-up is right for your business.