Custom Network Solutions Make Sense for Your Small Business


Today’s fast paced business climate requires connectivity and teamwork. Customized small business network solutions make it possible. Your network makes data accessible and keeps employees, suppliers and customers connected. Here are the ways that ComputerLynx network solutions transform your business:


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Your Business is Portable


Business demand doesn’t stop because you are away from the office. A customized network solution lets you check email, access critical files, answer voice-mail from any location with any device. Instant communication reduces the need for travel and expands your business footprint. Ideas travel fast!

Your Business is More Productive


Now colleagues and customers can collaborate from remote locations, instantly. Peripheral equipment like printers, scanners and TV screens may be shared among multiple users. Costly software applications may now be shared across the network. Communication is streamlined and costs less when it is consolidated into a customized network.

Your Business is     Flexible


ComputerLynx Network Solutions are designed to expand as your business grows. What are your business goals? Will you be hiring more employees? Maybe you will be opening new locations. Does your communications system have the capacity to grow with your business? ComputerLynx builds network solutions that are customized with your business goals in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Wireless Network Right for You?

A wireless network is often cheaper to install and eliminates the need for bulky wires. It’s great for remote locations. A wireless network may be disrupted by radio interference. Expert installation by ComputerLynx Network will overcome the problem of radio interference. A hard wired system may cost more to install but will be more stable and secure. A hard wired network requires less maintenance. The pros at ComputerLynx will advise you on the route that is most practical, cost effective and safe for your business.


What is VOIP?

VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol. Thats a fancy way of saying that you can make voice calls using the internet. A VOIP system may make it easier to add phone lines and features like Call Forwarding, Long Distance, Voice Mail and Caller ID without hidden fees. The quality of a VOIP call may be compromised if there is a poor internet connection. A VOIP system will not work if there is a power outage. A traditional land line will work during a power outage because the power is supplied via the telephone line. ComputerLynx Network can help you decide if VOIP is right for you.