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Create Data Storage Solutions That Will Grow With Your Business


Information is the lifeblood of your business. Computer technology makes your business more productive. As productivity increases, so does the need for a more flexible and secure data storage plan. Secure storage of tax documents, compliance records, customer information and critical business applications are vital to your business.

ComputerLynx Network will help you create an affordable data storage strategy. One that is secure, accessible with the capacity to grow with your business.


Some Things to Consider When Creating a Data Storage Strategy:


  • What types of files do you need to store? If you work with graphic design, video or other sophisticated applications, you will need more capacity.
  • How long will you need to store the information? Be current with how long tax, legal and regulatory documents need to be archived.
  • How often does information need to be accessed and by whom? Make sure that protocols are in place so that data is only accessible to those who have the proper clearance.
  • Will the data be accessed on site, remotely or both?
  • Is your data secure and backed up. When most people think of security they think of hackers and cyber theft. Fire flood damage and other natural disasters will grind your business to a halt if you are not prepared.



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