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Are you tired of Creepy Emails?

Are you sick of seeing ads from your free web based email provider? Did you know that many free web based email hosting services view the content of your emails? They use the data to target you for more advertising.  

We believe your emails should be private and free from ads, spam malware and viruses. ComputerLynx Network provides secure custom email solutions for small businesses.

With ComputerLynx Network’s custom email service your business email will:

  • Be completely ad free
  • Have free technical support
  • Have state of the art spam, malware and virus protection
  • Have an uncluttered, user friendly, web based interface that may be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Be compatible with almost any computer device
  • Cost only $4 plus tax each month*

                    *Domain registration is an additional charge.


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