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What is Home Networking?

Home Networking is very similar in concept to building a computer network for a business. A home computer network allows computer driven devices to communicate with each other. Traditionally, a home network enabled multiple computers to share the same internet connection, printer and computer files.

Technological advances now make it possible for tablets, smartphones, TVs, stereos and game systems to share a home network. Home networking makes it possible to share music, videos and important documents on multiple computer devices, seamlessly.

Creating a home network that is fast, convenient and secure can be a little confusing. Spare yourself the hassle! ComputerLynx Network’s expert technicians will create a home network that fits your household.


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Ethernet or Wireless Home Networking?

Wireless technology has improved dramatically over the past five years. Home owners often wonder if a hard-wired home network using ethernet cables is still practical.

A wireless network is adequate for the typical household. There are still networking challenges that are addressed more effectively by a wired network. The speed of data transfer will always be limited by the capacity of the internet service provider. An ethernet connection will not increase the speed of a home network if the internet connection is slow to begin with.

A hard wired home network is advisable if:

  • There are other wireless networks close by using the same frequencies. Multiple networks on the same frequencies causes interference that reduces performance of the network.
  • Plumbing, large metal objects and microwave ovens can interfere with wireless networks.
  • Sharing large files on a wireless network may take longer. Others using the network at the same time may also experience slower performance on their devices.



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File Sharing on a Home Network

The ability to share files is one of the greatest features of having a home network. File sharing is especially convenient for music and video lovers. The key to successful file sharing is to make sure that you adjust your settings to make sure that your devices are compatible.

Computers with different operating systems or even different versions of the same operating system may have file sharing issues. Firewall settings may also complicate file sharing.

Consult with a ComputerLynx Network expert to make sure that all of your devices work together, seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Home Networking Right for Me?

Home networking makes using computer technology convenient and portable. It also adds a layer of complexity. The equipment needed to build a network costs money. If you are a more modest computer user, the expense may not be worth it. Your ComputerLynx Network technician will recommend the best approach for your home.


Will Having Too Many Devices Slow Down My Home Network?

Adding too many devices could potentially slow the performance of your home network. Especially if you are using and older router or you share a lot of large files. Turning off the WiFi of devices when they are not in use will help. There are many other factors that can slow your home network. Contact ComputerLynx Network to upgrade and troubleshoot your home network.



Are Wireless Home Networks Secure?

A wireless home network can be very secure, but not foolproof. Home networkers should take the following steps secure their networks.

  • Periodically change the name (SSID) of your home network.
  • Have a complex password that is unique to the user and not easily guessed.
  • Enable firewalls on your router and all of your computers.
  • Make sure that bank accounts and internet shopping accounts have strong passwords for an additional layer of security.

Securing your network is vital to prevent identity theft. Enabling the security features on your network hardware and computer devices can be tedious and time consuming. Contact ComputerLynx to assess and improve the security of your home network. Its safer and hassle free!